e-book Fascination Alleyway: Written Under the Influence of Music

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I found this cool folder with some of my old high school stuff. But at its best it inspired kids to take up a savage lens and look through it at the world around them. For instance, the songs of The Dead Kennedys and X helped expose the bloated inner workings and sometimes demonic colonial influences of the U. Those songs still have power. In hindsight, though, many, and maybe even most, rebellions that seemed potent at the time they occurred now seem relatively tame.

There are causes worth fighting for, but some rebellions are mystifying. The club rides into a quiet community and with their abrasive attitudes and their loud, menacing engines, they disrupt the flow of life. Why do they do it? Because they can. Viewed now, The Wild One seems toothless and kind of corny, but the story and the film caused real people to be terrified of agitators coming in and mucking up the rhythms of their small town lives.

Because they kept people distracted and off-balance, trolls were hugely influential in in creating the surprising result of the presidential election. Why do it? It is about feeling Something. Kind of like this cynical old joke:. The climate is right for incendiaries — things are moving fast.

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Some of the results of current disruptions are surely meant to distract and confuse people. Many of the results may eventually come to seem benign or even be forgotten. Surely though, a great deal of real and lasting harm is being wrought. It will feel so good when it stops. The lasting power of punk is evident in several recent and upcoming releases.

This is an artistic rebellion you can get behind: making beauty from chaos. Washington D. They access an impressive array of tricks from their predecessors, shaking it up, and then delivering an original sound that evokes great punk. Bow down and kneel before the awesome power of Priests.

Fascination Alleyway: Written Under the Influence of Music

One of my favorite bands has a new release set for next week. Loud and lovely, the Canadian outfit No Joy will release Creep on 24 February , and here is a link to the first tune:. No Joy have few peers when it comes to making beauty from chaos. Here is their latest EP from a few months ago. You will be glad you clicked:. Hether Fortune is a time machine.

Fascination Alleyway: Written Under the Influence of Music

Check out the urgent, beautiful echoes of Tones on Tail , Banshees , and The Cure in this great tune:. Conflagrations leap out of every poor furnace. What is this world coming to? Confront the facts we hate.

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Try not to get distracted. Increase loveliness. Quite often lately, I simply beg for distractions. Likeminded readers will know why. Nightmarish state and national political scenarios have us almost constantly either shaking or scratching our heads in painfully confused and irritated wonder. So it is a welcome distraction to enjoy the anticipation of new work from two of my musical favorites: Alison Goldfrapp my very English Queen!

Looking back at it, that post contained some thoughts on loveliness that seem timely and still very relevant. Resistance in not futile; differences are not to be feared, but treasured. Here are a few of the words from that post:.

Sometimes being just exactly who you are is an act of defiance. Tales of Us is made up of ten songs, each a distinctive journey of self-expression. All of them quietly, defiantly, courageously being exactly who they are…. Simple acoustic guitar songs trade time with hugely wrought symphonic pieces, slow jazz, and tripped out electronica. The binding element of Tales of Us is her exquisite voice.

Breathily playing out through the dreamy range of the songs, she draws me in absolutely. Alison Goldfrapp does not merely sing, she occupies her songs, and she transports her listeners. She is delivering her art from a castle on a cloud, and I want to be where she is. Clearly, I am enthralled by this artist and her group, I still listen to Tales of Us regularly, and had hoped that when Goldfrapp returned with new music that it would be in the same intrepid vein of introspection and emotion.

If the first single is an indication, it appears that will not be the case. The band dislikes repeating themselves, though they may have elected to go back a bit further in their career to investigate and mine some fresh ideas from dancier periods. However , Goldfrapp is forgiven — I think this single is thoroughly excellent.

This music, my friends, is about urgency. Queen Alison can do whatever she wants. I have also written on this page about Real Estate , most recently about the jangly observations that they made on the terrific album Atlas that ranked as my number one selection for I wrote:.

Along with the rest of their catalogue I will continue to enjoy it for years. What it is: That feeling that something wonderful is happening, and you have not processed how important it will be to you in the future. You know that something wonderful is going to end — soon — and that the freedom that comes with that something wonderful is evaporating. The boys got new jackets! Real Estate, the band.

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The band has released a single and it indicates that Real Estate will be building on their fine ideas of low key, richly examined, and, yes, summery , guitar driven pop. Since everything is moving so fast, thank goodness for Missy Elliott. She has the sense to slow it down a little here, giving us some blessed space and a delicious taste of her special flow.

As ever, sick. Run the Jewels 3 , this link leads to a free download of what is easily the best record of so far. It has been on the old headphones about four times a week, and each time I listen I marvel anew at the lyrical genius, the brilliance of the music, and especially the strong personal bond shared by the insanely gifted musicians and rappers Killer Mike and El-P.

While others are compiling their year-end lists, I have been looking for some music that is completely out of the ordinary and also reflecting on a musical year that has left me mostly cold. But I have not been inspired to recap Are there times in your life during which only something new and unusual will satisfy you? A craving for a cuisine you have never tasted?

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